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wordpress maintenance plan

8 Reasons You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan

Would you believe that over 95% of websites run on outdated software? With known vulnerabilities nonetheless! This is one of the most crucial aspects of website maintenance, and overlooking it means exposing yourself to a wide array of security risks. Now, with a business falling

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Interview with Francis Nayan – Stories & Copy

We had a fun interview with Francis Nayan of Stories & Copy, about copywriting and email marketing! Some great tips in here for coaches and others looking to improve their writing to get new customers. 1. What was your path to starting your business,

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Interview: Dana Lindahl, Legendary LeadGen

Most businesses struggle with lead generation. We got a chance to chat with one of the pros in the field who helps B2B companies, specifically agencies, find the best leads for their business and convert them into paying customers. How did you get your start

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SEO tips with Viola Eva of Flow SEO

Everyone needs SEO for their business, and WordPress is a great way to go to maximize your success. We got a chance to chat with SEO pro Viola Eva of, who gives some excellent ideas on the topic: How did you get your start

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