Customer Story

Clark Engelbert, Nutritional Analytics

From $0 to over $6000 a month…

Without Work Hero I would not have been able to do this.

Clark is the owner of Nutritional Analytics. He started the company after he healed his own health issues with mineral balancing and hair tissue mineral analysis. That motivated him to reach out to others and share this wonderful science and program with the world through his company.

Why did you sign up with Work Hero?

I signed up with Work Hero because you messaged me at the exact perfect time when I needed a website. You sounded like you knew what you were doing and the website looked great so I said f it! Let’s do it. Plus your subscription fee was reasonable compared to many others who charge crazy amounts to design a website (10k+).

What has your experience with Work Hero been like?

My experience with WH has been phenomenal. Working with the heroes to get the website done was legitimately fun, despite being a lot of work. If I ever have questions about anything or a possible project to do I can run it by them and I will know what needs to be done within a very short time frame. Then if I do put in a work order for an edit, your new people get it done within hours. I love it.

How has partnering with Work Hero helped you?

Partnering with Work Hero has allowed me to get a website done and running for a fraction of the cost of other web designers/programmers. It also allows me to update my website as I need to as well, with little to no effort. For instance, as my business has grown I have gotten testimonials of my happy clients and wanted to add a section like this to my website. With Work Hero I was able to add this section within a few hours.

What goals do you have in 2021 and beyond that your partnership with Work Hero will help you achieve?

For 2021 and beyond I would like to continue to scale my business by adding new features to the website – I want to add a lead generator/email gathering system for email marketing, a new header, and some other features as well. I know Work Hero will be able to help me with these projects because we’ve already done so much together already.