What can I do if my task is urgent?

We split urgent tasks into two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Your website crashed.
Your website has been hacked.
You have a task in progress that is taking too long to complete.
Something went wrong with your site during a task in progress.

If something like this has happened, please contact us by creating a support ticket. Our entire team is notified when you submit a support ticket, so this is the fastest way to get a response.


Scenario 2:

You want to request a new task to be done as quickly as possible, ideally being done on the same day, and you want us to prioritize it.

To order a task with priority, skipping all tasks in our tasks queue and putting it at the top of the list, you just need to purchase a Priority Pass upgrade for that task.

Priority Pass upgrades don’t guarantee a completion date/time, but you will be assured that the task will be started the same day. You can order a Priority Pass right now by clicking here.