Premium WordPress support from the small to the big







Hours of development time

1 hour per business day

(23 hours per month)

2 hours per business day

(46 hours per month)

4 hours per business day

(92 hours per month)

Supported sites

Up to 10

Up to 20


Average turnaround time

24-48 hours

24-48 hours

Less than 24 hours

Team of WordPress experts available 24x7

Client manager and task management portal

Emergency care

Daily backups, plugins and theme updates

Speed optimization

Security optimization

30-day money back guarantee

Website builds and redesigns

Optional Add-ons

Since you may already be maintaining your sites or need only to maintain a few, we offer this as an option.

Basic Maintenance
($10/mo per site)

✓ 2 Full-site backups per day
✓ Weekly plugin updates
✓ Weekly theme updates
✓ Daily security scan
✓ Uptime monitor
✓ Weekly report


Full Maintenance
($20/mo per site)

✓ 4 Full-site backups per day
✓ Weekly plugin updates
✓ Weekly theme updates
✓ Daily security scan
✓ Daily
performance scan
✓ Uptime monitor
✓ Broken link monitor
✓ Weekly report

Never worry about your WordPress website again.
Development, security and updates. We do it all.

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Your questions answered

Do the hours carry on?

Yes, the hours accumulate monthly. So, if you have a 2-hour day plan, you will have 46 hours a month . If you have a 4-hour day plan, 92 hours per month, and so son. At the end of every month you can get a report with the total numbers you used and decide to upgrade or downgrade.

What kind of tasks can I ask for?

You can ask for just about any WordPress-related tasks, with the exception of plugin development or theme development from scratch. We can work on the themes you already have or help you find a new one. We can create templates, pages, add and configure plugins, add scripts, customize style, and so on. We can do a lot! See examples.

Does it matter what hosting provider I'm using?

No. We’ll work with any website regardless of where it's hosted. We understand that different websites have different needs and that people have realistic budgets that they have to meet. That being said, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals on a shared hosting providers. We recommend using cloud/VPS or WP managed hosting.

How can I ask for tasks?

After purchasing a plan, you'll be redirected to our portal where you can order tasks, send comments, send files, get support, change plans, update payment settings and much more.

Do you do design work?

We don't create graphic designs from scratch. But we work with what our customers have available or what is easy to obtain on the internet. We routinely work with templates, icons, illustrations, stock photos, almost all easily available for free. If you need a graphic from scratch, we can refer excellent designers for an affordable price.

Is there any contract or long term commitment?

No. You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time. Also, you have a 14-day money back guarantee.

We Love Them

What Our Clients
Have To Say

"Had a great experience with Work Hero! They specialize in support and maintenance of WordPress sites. Staff were super polite, and the process of making sure I knew all was backed up and safe was awesome. Highly recommend for your WordPress needs."


Stewart Townsend

Channel as a Service

"The Heroes are positive, with a can-do attitude. I've never been told "no" regarding a task. They're all willing and able to provide solutions to my problems, instead of giving me reasons why it's not possible. They are also ridiculously fast and responsive. "

"Work Hero eliminated more headaches for us in a couple of weeks than previous developers had in months. Communication, quality of work, turnaround time - just a really good service all around. Highly recommended!"


Christian Tomsich

CPT Consulting

"Finding Work Hero was great timing for me, as I needed help building my website. Now my website is built, I get unlimited edits and I get back-end security. Three pretty big problems, solved. The team is also super professional and respond in a timely fashion."


Clark Engelbert

Nutritional Analytics

"We LOVE WorkHero! This is a brilliant service that has saved us so much time, money, and stress. Things that we might be able to figure out if we watched several hours of YouTube tutorials or spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on freelancers to help us with. "


Kimi and Pua

Boss Up Media

"The Work Hero team has been a great help to our web design agency for all the small tasks we don't have time for."

Ashton Brown

"They are very time and task efficient. They have been super friendly to correspond with. The team at Work Hero have been self motivated and even quite intuitive in the way they have anticipated our needs. They've been an absolute joy to work with."

"Great concept and they delivered on time. I'd recommend it to anyone who has lots of basic busy-work they need to get off their hands. Easy communication too!"


Riley Bennet

Livin that Life

"I’m so glad to have Work Hero take care of our routine web updates, connecting systems and whatnot. These are things that I simply don’t have time to deal with so they’re a tremendous resources for us. They take care of things fast and with attention to detail."