Website Support Services

One of the biggest difficulties as an entrepreneur is managing time to take care of day-to-day tasks. We often fail to accomplish everything and feel frustrated by it.

One of the main causes is that these tasks are too complex or too boring to do. What we’d most like to do is delegate it to someone to do it quickly. This someone is Work Hero.

The technical tasks we offer are usually the ones that give you a headache, for example, updating WordPress plugins without letting the site break or affect its usability.

Or, migrate your website to another hosting service. Set up a hosting or email service. Make the site faster. Update all software to the latest version, so that everything works correctly and in the best possible way. 

Here are some other examples:

  • Lead Capture Form – We can create and integrate your lead capture form with your email marketing platform.
  • Email Automation – After writing your campaign emails, send us the automation details (for instance: “List X, Email 1 – Immediately send this, 2 days later send this, 7 days later of this”) and then we get the campaign ready for you.
  • Update an Image On Your Website – Want to change an image on your website? Changed the text or colours? Send it through and we’ll make the change.
  • Setup a Payment Form – Use Stripe, Paypal or other payment processor to accept payments. We can setup an order form somewhere in your sales funnel or on your website. (You may need an SSL certificate)
  • Setup a Webinar – We can schedule your webinar, send notifications to your contacts, and manage your webinar recording files if you need.
  • Add Testimonials to Your Website – Got some testimonials on LinkedIn or that have come through on email, and want to show them off on your website, send them through and let us know where to put them.
  • Setup a Kajabi page on your website – Want to put your Kajabi page on your site so its instead of the Kajabi domain? Let us know which page and what you want the url to be and we’ll set it up.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube Retargeting Pixels – Starting to do retargeting with your PPC advertising campaigns? Be sure to send through the custom audience pixel codes and we’ll put these on all the pages of your website
  • Conversion Pixel Tracking Codes – Are your conversion pixels from your PPC campaign set up correctly? Let us take care of this by setting up and testing your codes to ensure they are working correctly.
  • Build a Simple Opt-In Landing Page using a Visual Page Builder  – Using LeadPages, Elementor, ClickFunnels, Thrive Architect, Divi or OptimizePress we can build you a simple opt-in or landing page using one of our predefined template structures.
  • Duplicate an Existing Page – Already got a landing page or page structure and want to clone it then make some simple tweaks and changes? Tell us which page to duplicate, and what tweaks to make.
  • Import a CSV Into Your CRM – Have a CSV File and need help importing it into your CRM software? Send it through, let us know how to save it, lists, tags, sequences, etc.

And much more!

If you have questions about whether or not we can do a certain task, please contact us and we will confirm with you.